Go-to-Market With a Solid Patient Experience Plan

Do you strive to give your patients the best experience possible? This pivotal startup guide walks you through the steps necessary to implement a successful go-to-market plan for commercializing your products and mastering the patient journey, setting up your healthcare CRM, and understanding patient journey mapping.


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The growing influence of patients in selecting their treatment options and the emergence of risk-sharing agreements between drug manufacturers and payers have fundamentally changed the way pharmaceutical companies market and support their products.

In the past, pharmaceutical companies centered their efforts on provider education and winning support from payers to pay for new treatments.

In the new paradigm, companies must engage with multiple stakeholders throughout the patient journey to build demand, manage risk, and deliver results.

This new business model demands integration across functional areas that traditional data management systems cannot easily support. In this paper, we discuss the ten critical components of a modern Information Management Strategy for life sciences commercial operations.

What’s inside

  • Data Privacy and Usage Policy

  • Lead Capture and Consolidation

  • Identity Management & Consent Management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    & Patient Services

  • Campaign Feeback Integration

  • Data Sourcing Strategy

  • Data De-Identification

  • Managing Patient Risk and Adherence

  • Integrated Health Model

  • Predictive Analytics

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About the author

Tony Notarianni has over 20 years of experience in data management and consulting. Having honed his skills in diverse industries in locations across multiple continents he has a very broad range of knowledge that he now applies to his role as a product owner at Gaine solutions. Focusing on the constant improvement of patient outcomes Tony has found a deeply rewarding use case for Master Data Management in the Lifesciences.